Tree Felling and Pruning

Green Dots Contracting Company offers expert Tree Felling and Pruning services, addressing the arboricultural needs of construction projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a focus on safety, environmental sustainability, and meticulous care for vegetation management, our services contribute to creating a harmonious balance between construction and nature.


In construction, managing trees is a crucial aspect to ensure safety, aesthetics, and compliance with environmental regulations. Green Dots specializes in Tree Felling and Pruning services, providing a comprehensive solution for projects that require the removal, pruning, or maintenance of trees. Our approach emphasizes safety, ecological responsibility, and preserving the natural landscape.

Key Features

Our Tree Felling and Pruning services are characterized by a safety-first mindset, utilization of industry best practices, and a commitment to environmental conservation. Green Dots employs certified arborists and skilled tree care professionals who ensure that every felling or pruning operation is conducted with precision, minimizing impact on the surrounding environment.


The process begins with a detailed assessment of the construction site’s vegetation, identifying trees that need removal or pruning. Our certified arborists collaborate with clients to understand project goals and any environmental considerations. The tree felling and pruning operations are meticulously planned to ensure the safety of personnel and nearby structures while preserving the health of the ecosystem.
In conclusion, Green Dots Contracting Company’s Tree Felling and Pruning services strike a balance between construction progress and environmental responsibility. By prioritizing safety, adhering to environmental regulations, and employing skilled arborists, we contribute to the sustainable development of construction projects, maintaining harmony between nature and construction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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