Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning Services

Green Dots Contracting Company specializes in providing Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning services, offering precise and reliable solutions for controlled loosening and tightening of bolts in industrial applications across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a focus on accuracy, safety, and adherence to industry standards, our services contribute to the integrity and performance of critical industrial connections.


Bolt torqueing and tensioning are crucial processes in industrial maintenance, ensuring the proper assembly and tightening of bolts in critical connections. Green Dots excels in providing specialized services for controlled and precise torqueing and tensioning of bolts, contributing to the safety and longevity of industrial systems in sectors such as petrochemical, refineries, manufacturing, and utilities.

Key Features

What sets our Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning services apart is a commitment to advanced equipment, highly trained personnel, and customized solutions. Green Dots collaborates closely with industrial clients to understand their specific bolting requirements, considering factors such as bolt size, material, and load-bearing capacity. Our expert team employs advanced torqueing and tensioning techniques to achieve accurate and controlled bolt fastening, ensuring the reliability of critical connections.


The Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning process begins with a detailed analysis of the industrial connections requiring attention. Green Dots works closely with clients to understand the specifications of bolts, the criticality of connections, and safety considerations. Our experienced team then utilizes advanced torqueing and tensioning equipment to achieve precise and controlled fastening, ensuring the optimal performance and safety of industrial systems.
In conclusion, Green Dots Contracting Company’s Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning services contribute to the reliability and safety of industrial connections. By prioritizing advanced technology, safety, and client collaboration, we provide industrial sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with specialized solutions for accurate and controlled bolt fastening, ensuring the longevity and integrity of critical equipment connections.

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