Discover unparalleled construction services with Green Dots. We bring innovation and expertise to every project, ensuring excellence, safety, and client satisfaction. Your vision, our commitment.

Who We Are?

Green Dots Contracting Company (L.L.C) is a leader in construction, industrial support, and rental services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a focus on safety, quality, and client satisfaction, we aim to be your preferred choice.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Green Dots for unparalleled construction excellence. Our commitment to unmatched expertise, unwavering safety standards, and innovative technology sets us apart. Experience quality assurance and a client-centric approach. Build with confidence, build with Green Dots.

Commitment to Safety

Quality Assurance

Innovative Technology

Client-Centric Approach

We are Construction's Strength Challenges Triumphs 

Good in resilience, Bad at backing down, and Ugly about settling for anything less than exceptional results.  

Featured Services

Embark on a journey of construction excellence with our comprehensive range of services. From strategic manpower consulting to top-tier scaffolding, equipment rentals, and more, we’re your one-stop solution for success.

Manpower Consulting

Empower your workforce with our strategic consulting. Tailored solutions to optimize your team’s efficiency, ensuring skilled personnel for every project requirement.

Overseas Recruitment

Global talent acquisition made seamless. We source, vet, and deploy skilled professionals from around the world, ensuring a diverse and capable workforce for your projects.


Turnkey solutions from concept to completion. Our contracting services encompass planning, execution, and delivery, guaranteeing excellence in every aspect of your construction projects.


Sourcing and supplying quality construction materials. Our trading services ensure access to top-notch products, meeting industry standards for durability and performance.

Safety Equipment & Materials

Prioritize safety with our premium equipment and materials. We provide state-of-the-art safety gear, ensuring a secure environment for your workforce and project longevity.


Elevate your projects with our advanced scaffolding solutions. Safe, efficient, and customizable structures designed to support your team in reaching new heights.

Equipment Rentals

Unlock productivity with our equipment rentals. From heavy machinery to specialized tools, we offer a diverse fleet for your construction needs, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Vehicle Rentals

Drive success with our vehicle rentals. Reliable and well-maintained, our fleet ensures seamless transportation for materials, personnel, and equipment, keeping your projects on track.

Our Safety Policy

Excellence is our standard. We adhere to the highest quality benchmarks, implementing rigorous procedures to meet and exceed industry standards. Your satisfaction is our commitment to continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

Safety is our top priority. We are committed to achieving zero incidents through rigorous training, cooperative determination, and strict enforcement of safety rules. Your well-being matters.

Environmental Policy

Guardians of the environment, we pledge to minimize our ecological footprint. Through sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to preserving nature while delivering top-notch construction services.

Innovation Policy

Pioneering the future of construction, our innovation policy drives us to embrace cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. We constantly seek inventive solutions to elevate the standards of your projects.


Uncover the success stories directly from our clients. Hear their experiences working with Green Dots Contracting Company, where commitment to excellence meets unparalleled construction services.

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