Industrial Support Services

GREEN DOTS continues to set standards in specialized high and ultra-high pressure hydro jetting services for petrochemical, refineries, manufacturing and utility sectors. GREEN DOTS is chemical cleaning is also recognized by our clients as leading in on the international industrial service provider working to the highest safety, environmental and technical standards. The company also provides controlled loosening and tightening bolts by means of torqueing and tensioning from small jobs to large turn around.

GREEN DOTS provides trained and experience individuals to do these jobs. These are our services:

  • Welding Works
  • Hydro Jetting (high and ultra-high pressure)
  • Chemical Cleaning (Shutdown and Turn Around)
  • Bolt Torqueing /Tensioning
  • We also provide materials such as bolts, steel products, etc.
  • We also provide materials such as bolts and nuts, flanges, and other steel products for the industry.