About Us

Green Dots Contracting Company LLC is a services firm providing professional services in manpower consulting, overseas recruitment, Contracting, Trading, Safety Equipment’s & Materials, Scaffolding, Equipment Rentals and Vehicle Rentals. With a trust on the quality services and the promise to deliver best quality to customers, we are scaling up the corporate ladder. Our aim is to bring happiness on the face of every customer we handle. With a team that is easily approachable and very responsive to client needs, we want to be first choice of our customers. Green Dots is one of the leaders in providing construction, industrial support and rental services around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Green Dots have a vision to create company that could compete in the construction industry including consultancy services. They have recruited a group of professionals and highly skilled workers to achieve this dream.


To build high end industrial facilities by providing services from our competitive professionals, highly skilled workers and innovative technology equipment.


To be one of the best Construction service provider by building world class industrial facilities in the safest way and highest quality outcome for the betterment not only for our clients but also for our people.


To become one of the top industries in Kingdom, we ensure the best quality outcome of our work from the best people striving for perfection.


Passion to deliver our products and services with breakthrough technologies.


Working with urgency and assurance to be successful from individual and company per-spectives.


Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another's views, and believing that everyone has strengths which we value and will use whenever possible. Safety


Zero Incidents is our top priority for both our client and our people. Finishing a project with a major accident will be worthless; hence we are dedicated to train all of our workers to do their jobs safely. Safety Programs are set to attain this goal.

We believe that every employee should be concerned for his own safety and the safety of co-workers. The objectives we have set will be accomplished through a cooperative determination among all employees and management. Safe work habits and the awareness and knowledge of all safety rules and policies are employment condition at GREEN DOTS. All employees are required to attend training to become familiar with rule and policies and to abide by them. These rules and policies will be enforced just as any other company policy.


It is explicit policy of our company to provide service to customer and meet their demanding expectation in confirm with highest standard and highest quality. We have also a quality trend to monitor our quality effectiveness to ensure the company function to determined company procedure and guidelines.

The management strictly implements quality policy program because this is the way to recognized our company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have also standard operating procedure so that to maintain the quality standard. Our total commitment is to enter in international standard operation, being one of the best company in Quality Policy.